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I'm Just Here For The Boos

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Who doesn't love a good haunted house? We've been hunting for the best haunted houses in Southern Louisiana, and deadass, I'm just here for the boos. Stay tuned for our ultimate guide to the most spooktacular Haunted Attractions for Halloween 2022

Tickfaw, LA

Sign for Risewell Mental Asylum and Research Facility

Welcome to the Asylum where you and your team are processed as Dr. Rottmeyer’s newest patient-inmates!

Here you will experience, first hand, a dark world of "cutting edge" equipment, alternative medical techniques and ghoulish surgeries. Be careful, Asylum is a dangerous place where you can quickly become the focus of the story, and it's up to you and your friends to escape this twisted adventure.

This attraction is not for the faint of heart. The attraction is fully immersive. YOU ARE THE SHOW. It's a 4D experience where inmates and doctors can AND WILL touch you.

A twisty stroll through science awaits...

Baton Rouge, LA

Hundreds of jack-o-lanterns, carved with scary faces, hanging from the wall

Fright enthusiasts gravitate to the 13th Gate year after year just to see what these spook specialists will come up with next!

Best known for it's fear inducing attention to detail, the 13th Gate is not just any ordinary haunt. Each year the theme changes to create a fresh terrifying experience with seasoned ghouls that deliver measured doses of real, intense fear for maximum impact.

Visitors are hit with that creepy crawly heightened awareness from the moment they step on the elevator to... no where.

Pay close attention to the walls around you, this attraction is truly a work of art.

Baton Rouge, LA

Tim, locked inside of a coffin. He needs to solve the puzzle to unlock the door.

As a fun add-on this year, the 13th Gate is offering 5 minute horror escape rooms.

Once you get locked in, the whole world is against you! You only have a few minutes to find the solution.Look up, look down, use every means necessary to solve the puzzle before time runs out!

If you fail to murder that Riddle, it will be the final nail in the coffin for you and your friends!

Tickets to the Escape Rooms are separate from the ticket to the haunted house. There are three 5 minute rooms to choose from. Try one or try them all.

*60 minute Escape Rooms are seperate.

New Orleans, LA

The New Orleans Nightmare is a high energy, tech advanced show that will make your heart pound! Victims march through blood and guts while encountering creatures from the underworld, all while being terrorized by an incredibly scary chainsaw-wielding psycopath.

Want to play a game to die for? This attraction has two intense add-on’s. You can choose between a mini escape room ($5 per person) or you can escape your way through a maze with lots of physical challenges, completely in the dark! ($8 pp)

New Orleans. LA

The blood-curdling screams that rent from this 150yr old former funeral parlor are not acted. These sounds are not coming from a recording. The Mortuary becomes an immersive experience for you as soon as your hosts lock the door behind you.

Inside it literally feels like a truely terrifying place because it is; A haunted house inside of an actual haunted house!

This year, the theme is "Fear: 150yr Anniversary". Creeping around the house with cold spots, swirling fog, and hands reaching out to grab you? Keep your wits about yourself and never forget that every room in this old place has seen real death. And, if those spirits do find their way into your personal space, don't forget, you invited them.

Tickfaw, LA

When my friends approached Rise's Haunted House, I was laughing at them for being so scared. A haunted house out in the middle of the country, you expect a play room with costumes and cheap sound effects to make you jump out of your skin.

But, when we walked in there was an intense feeling - like something bad was about happen or maybe even worse...

First glance may seem sweet enough; however upon closer inspection one notices certain aspects which set off alarms. For one, once you enter a room it's sometimes impossible to find your way out. Creatures and psycopaths are chasing you and you literally can't find the escape!

The ghosts and ghouls in this place are incredibly sneaky. One minute you see them, the next they completely vanish, leaving you to wonder if they were ever really even there after all. This dark attraction is the only one that really gave me a few big scares and I don't scare easily. I promise your heart will be pounding and you will be screaming until the bitter end.

Rise has a Haunted Hayride Add-On. Because of the design and attention to detail, it's considered to be the best Hayride attraction in the South! Don't leave without checking it out! ($20 pp)

Tickfaw, LA

We are about to commit acts of war on behalf of the Living! You are about to embark on a journey that will take you into the heart of darkness. Your destination: an abandoned logging camp deep in the woods where zombies stalk their prey like blood thirsty monsters from hell!

The only way out is by climbing aboard the deadly assault vehicle and shooting through the rotting targets. Your job is to take out as many of the undead before they take over the world!

Paintball guns can be refilled two times on this expedition. Each refill is $5.

Avondale, LA

The living are under attack! The zombies have risen from their graves to overrun us. News footage shows the horrific scenes of these brain-eating creatures stalking people and stopping at nothing until life is eradicated completely from this city, but you're not going down without putting up a fight--you've been recruited by some rather powerful individuals who know how dangerous these things can get when they Hunt...

You are an elite paintball marksman. Your team needs you to save them from a bloodthirsty undead population turned relentless and nesting in their own guts! You'll have time-sensitive targets, so work together with your friends on this one - no suppressing fire here whatsoever!

Wanna add a little gasoline to the fire? Add on some high octane karting for just $25 more.

The most haunted house's in South Louisiana are going to come to blows with your reality. Are you about ready for some fun, scares and excitement at this real life horror show? You know what they say—the "other side" wants us to play their game; well come at me Bro!

If you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween season, look no further than our guide to the best haunted houses in South Louisiana. Just remember – if you dare enter, beware of what may await you inside! Have fun and.... be scared!

Happy Haunting!

Tiffany...with Tim...and Ali

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