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- Hungry? We know the best places to eat in Russellville, AR.

A variety of BBQ sauces available on the table at Fat Daddy's BBQ in Russellville, Arkansas

Russellville, Arkansas is a beautiful town in the heart of the Ozarks. While there are many places to explore near this charming area, one of the best nearby adventures is the food! There are some great local restaurants here, and I'm going to tell you about my favorites. Whether you're spending your days hiking picturesque trails or chasing those hard to find waterfalls, Russellville has something to satisfy your appetite. Let's get ready to chow down!

Baked potato, stuffed with shredded pulled pork, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce

Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned barbecued goodness? Each time we take a trip in the deep south, we try finding out about interesting places where you'll find mouthwatering meats.

Russellville has a few exceptional BBQ places but Fat Daddy's Bar-B-Que fell on our radar almost immediatly. We were browsing the online menu when we spotted some unusual offerings that really caught our attention. There were quite a few items on that list that you wouldn't find in a traditional BBQ venue. Standouts included a BBQ stuffed baked potato, BBQ Burrito and Nachos covered in smokey shedded meats!

We knew that it would be fun to check out a place where the kitchen staff was willing to be creative and we weren't disappointed. The sauces on the table are delicious and made from scratch, the portions were enormous, and the BBQ was spot on. If you're a big meats fan, definately add this one to your list!

The Old Bank Sports Grill neon sign

So, you're in Russellville and your favorite team is playing tonight. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity of watching them play on a big screen so where should you go?

Located in the middle of Main Street, this restaurant will give you all of the amenities, food and cocktails that are necessary for an enjoyable game-watching experience!

The first thing you'll notice about this place beyond the big flat screens hanging all over the walls is the incredible selection of bar foods. They have everything from burgers to pizza and chicken, but also some surprises like quail and alligator! My favorite dish? Hot soft pretzels served with a melted cheese dip so good it's proprietary secret recipe is my new obsession.

Coconut cream pies

Imagine walking into a train car and being greeted by a case of the prettiest little cream pies that you've ever seen. You're then seated in a booth and you look up to see a railroad track above your head. Moments later, you notice the little train engine that's making it's way from dining room to dining room along that track. If it wasn't apparent before, You now know that these little details are a good indication that you're in for a good time.

Breakfast Burrito with salso and melted chees, pancakes, and a made-from-scratch biscuit with eggs and bacon

Stoby's is an incredible spot for local breakfast. The service was the best we had encountered in any of our trips anywhere in the country so far.

Our server, Michelle P., was like watching an absolute master at her craft. We marvelled at how well she kept up despite the ever growing number of tables she was taking on single-handedly. The entire staff was run so efficiently. It is clear that they know what they're doing-because I sure don't remember seeing a single person with an empty coffee cup or waiting on their check.

The breakfast was exceptional. The biscuits were like little pillows of heaven, the flavor profile of all of the foods we tried was yummy and the portions were generous. Look at that Breakfast Burrito! Our only regret is that we did not discover this little gem until our final day in the area. If you're ever visiting the Ozarks, try to get to this place as your very first stop. And, don't forget to blow the train wistle on your way out!

Stoby's restaurant, train car

Each time you visit a new place, be sure to try out the local restaurants. You never know what kind of culinary gems you might find. And if you’re ever in Russellville, Arkansas, be sure to check out some of our favorite spots – they won’t disappoint!

What are your favorite places to eat near the Ozarks?

Happy Trails!

~ Tiffany...with tim

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